Dr. Antia- Finseth Innovation Award

Association of Rural Surgeons of India offers “Dr. Antia- Finseth Innovation award” of Rs. 10,000/- for any innovation that is useful for rural health care.

The Innovation may be equipment, procedure or even a concept.
Innovator may be medical, paramedical or non-medical person.
Applications are invited about the innovation with following details :
1.Brief abstract of the innovation (About 300 words).
2.Novel features of the innovation.
3.Advantage over the known alternatives.
4.Detailed description accompanied by diagrams, drawings, photographs neatly labeled.
5.Complete bio-data of the innovator along with photograph.
 Terms And Conditions:
1.Awardee has to present his work at the joint 22nd annual conference of ARSI to be held at Midnapore, West Bengal, India and receive the award.
2.Award will not be given in absentia.
3.Decision of the selection committee shall be final.
4.Besides award money of Rs. 10000/-, the awardee will be paid for travel allowance and accommodation maximum up to Rs. 10000/-.

One copy of the application has to be sent to following person:

Dr. Rajesh R. Tongaonkar
Dr. Tongaonkar Hospital,
Dondaicha, Dist. Dhule (MS) – 425 408
Mobile No: 9422286134
E-mail: rajeshtongaonkar@rediffmail.com