ARSICON 2024 Meme Contest 

Lightening the Challenges of Global Surgery with Laughter: The ARSICON 2024 Meme Contest bridges global surgery insights with the universal language of humour

#ARSICON2024 #HumorHealsGlobalSurgery #GlobalSurgAdvocacyMemes

The ARSICON 2024 Meme Contest is not just about humour; it’s an innovative way to engage and connect participants on the critical topic of “Rural to Global: Building Bridges” in Global/Rural Surgery. Memes, in their simplicity and relatability, can be powerful tools for communication, distilling complex ideas into accessible content especially with the youth communities. This contest aims to foster a creative platform where professionals can express insights, challenges, and aspirations in global surgery, potentially uncovering unique perspectives and shared experiences. By approaching a sensitive topic with respectful humour and creativity, we hope to enhance dialogue, awareness, and camaraderie within the surgical community, supporting the overarching goal of the conference to bridge gaps in global surgical care.

Memes with catchy captions should creatively reflect the conference theme: “Rural to Global: Building Bridges.” They can focus on aspects such as rural healthcare challenges, global collaboration in surgery, bridging healthcare gaps, innovations in global/rural surgery

Open for everyone interested in attending ARSICON 2024.
There are no limits on the number of submissions by each participant.

Top 3 winners with maximum engagement on their posts will receive free registrations and 2 free workshops for ARSICON 2024.
3 Runner-ups will receive 60% discounts on their registration and workshop fees.
All 6 selected finalists will receive certificates of acknowledgement and honourable mentions and features on our conference social media and visibility during the conference.


Submission Guidelines

  • Memes must be original and created by the participant.
  • Acceptable formats: JPEG, PNG, GIFs.
  • Maximum file size: 5MB.
  • Submit memes with catchy captions via the designated submission form on the ARSICON 2024 website:
  • Ensure relevant hashtags are present in your captions : #ARSICON2024 #HumorHealsGlobalSurgery #GlobalSurgeryAdvocacyMemes
  • Share the post of our Meme Contest (on your story or post or tweet) and tag us- expressing in a few lines how memes can be a good way to do Global Surgery Awareness.
  • Deadline: 15th January 2023 11:59 PM IST (No submissions will be accepted after the deadline)

Content Guidelines

  • Relevance to Global Surgery: The meme should be directly related to global surgery, highlighting issues such as access to surgical care, the importance of surgical interventions in healthcare, or the challenges faced by surgical care providers in different parts of the world.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Since global surgery involves diverse cultures and communities, it’s crucial to ensure that the content is culturally sensitive and does not inadvertently offend or misrepresent any group.
  • Accuracy and Informative Content: Memes should be relevant to surgery, especially in rural and global contexts.The information presented in the meme should be factually correct and informative, helping to raise awareness about key aspects of global surgery. Misinformation or overly simplified content can lead to misunderstandings about the subject. 
  • Respect and Dignity: No offensive language, images, or themes.  The meme should respect the dignity of patients, healthcare workers, and communities involved in global surgery. Avoid using images or language that could be seen as disrespectful or trivialising serious medical issues.
  • Engaging and Shareable: The meme should be engaging and easy to share on social media platforms. This means it should be visually appealing, with a clear and concise message that resonates with a wide audience.
  • Ethical Considerations: Humor should be in good taste, aligning with the spirit of medical professionalism. Ensure that the meme adheres to ethical standards, especially in terms of patient privacy and consent if real images or stories are used.
  • Target Audience: Consider the target audience for your meme. Different messages may resonate differently with healthcare professionals, policy-makers, or the general public.
  • Language and Accessibility: Use language that is accessible to a broad audience, avoiding medical jargon. Also, consider language barriers and the potential need for translation if the meme is intended for a global audience.
  • Impact and Call to Action: Ideally, the meme should not only raise awareness but also encourage action, whether it’s supporting global surgery initiatives, advocating for policy changes, or promoting education about the topic. You can use caption as a way to incorporate this.

Legal Compliance: Make sure to comply with copyright laws, especially when using images, and respect the intellectual property rights of others. Avoid copyrighted material unless you own the rights or it’s used under fair use.

Selection Guidelines

  • Top six submissions will be selected for the social media engagement round and published on our social media platforms (Instagram and Twitter)
  • Selected participants will be asked to re-share their meme post as uploaded on ARSICON’s social media, on their social media using the hashtag #ARSICON2024 #HumorHealsGlobalSurgery #GlobalSurgAdvocacyMemes
  • They must tag ARSICON’s official social media handles (Twitter: @arsicon2024, Instagram: @arsicon.2024 in their posts)
  • Improve chances of winning by improving engagement with your ARSICON’s posts by liking, commenting, or sharing them.
  • We recommend you to encourage your network to follow ARSICON’s social media pages for updates and more fun content.

Judging Guidelines

  • The judging will happen in two rounds
  • Relevance to “Rural to Global: Building Bridges”
  • Round 1:
    • Originality, creativity, humour and clarity of the message.
    • Adherence to content guidelines.
  • Round 2 (Between 15th January 2024 – 30th January 2024:
    • Engagement and impact based on Engagement Assessment Matrix given below

Score Algorithm Matrix

The social media engagement will be assessed collectively (Instagram + twitter engagement)

Instagram Engagement Assessment Matrix
LikesCommentsShares on storiesSaves
0-50: 1 point
50-100: 2 points
201-300: 3 points
300-400: 4 points
Bonus 1 point per 50 likes henceforth
0-15: 1 point
16-30: 2 points
31-60: 3 points
60+: 4 points
Bonus 1 point per 10 comments henceforth
0-5: 1 point
5-10: 2 points
10-15: 3 points
15-20: 4 points
Bonus 1 point per 2 shares henceforth
0-10: 1 point
10-50: 2 points
50-100: 3 points
100+: 4 points
Bonus 1 point per 20 saves henceforth
Instagram Engagement Assessment Matrix
LikesRetweetsQuote Re-TweetsComments
0-50: 1 point
51-100: 2 points
101-200: 3 points
200-300: 4 points
Bonus 1 point per 50 likes henceforth
0-15: 1 point
15-30: 2 points
30-45: 3 points
45-60: 4 points
Bonus 1 point per 10 retweets henceforth
0-10: 1 point
11-25: 2 points
26-50: 3 points
50+: 4 points
Bonus 1 point per 10 quote henceforth
0-10: 1 point
11-20: 2 points
20-30: 3 points
30-40: 4 points
Bonus 1 point per 5 comments henceforth

DeadlineSubmissions must be received by 15th January 2024
Winner AnnouncementOn 31st January 2024 on ARSICON 2024 website and social media channels.
Rights and UsageParticipants grant ARSICON 2024 rights to use their memes for promotional purposes on various platforms, with credit given to creators.
DisqualificationMemes not adhering to these guidelines will be disqualified
Additional NotesSubmissions should be tasteful and align with the professional nature of the conference.
The contest is designed to add a fun, engaging element to the conference, promoting discussion and connection within the global surgery community.